Honorable Mention

New Lotus International Film and Script Festival gives Amics de Primeres an Honorable Mention.

About New Lotus International Film and Script Festival: The lotus flower rises from the bottom of the reservoir through muddy water to become pure and bright, symbolizing prosperity, purity and spirituality.
Our festival, like this beautiful flower, selects the best new works from around the world in order to bring enlightenment. Our work is aimed at ensuring that the most pure and bright cinema brings real spiritual satisfaction to the viewer.

Official Selection from Berlin.

The Berlin New Wave Film Festival has selected Amics de Primeres to contest in the Best Script under 100 pages and the Best Scriptwriting Debut.

The Berlin New Wave Film Festival is a bi-annual event that takes place in the city of Berlin, Germany. The festival is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative and cutting-edge films that push the boundaries of traditional cinema. The festival provides a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work, connect with audiences, critics, and industry professionals.

We got this great letter from the Berlin New Wave Film Festival’s director Dieter Kortig.

Official Selection from Prague

Prague ScreenPlay Awards includes Amics de Primeres in their Offical Selection. Great way to start the year.

Prague Screenplay Awards is a screenplay competition that presents the best screenwriters in the world. We are looking for screenplays that we offer as a product to the world’s independent film directors, producers, film investors and film productions.

Our festival combines productions that are looking for suitable scripts for their future projects. Screenwriting is a business and the best screenwriters have a brand. A special writing style or talent that makes them unique and easy to recognize. ´Filmmakers needing a story that centers on a big idea or great characterization or engaging dialogue or a compelling theme are able to seamlessly identify the best writer for the project when the writer is branded as a specialist in one of those needed areas. Prague Screenplay Awards recognizes writers who specialize on a specific writing element and works to elevate their overall brand awareness.

Through the screenwriting competition, presented by Prague Screenplay Awards offers writers the opportunity to submit feature scripts to the category/categories they feel are strongest within their script, which will be reviewed by the readers at top Hollywood talent agencies and management companies.  


“Amics de Primeres” is an exciting new project written by Sergi Gilabert Sempere, that we hope will be able to get going very soon.

About “Amics de Primeres”

In the heart of the city, Mariona, hosts a dinner party for her closest friends, all of them in their mid-20s, including Nil, her ex. 

The sun sets over Barcelona, casting a warm glow on the streets as the group reminisces and shares anecdotes in Mariona’s apartment.

Yet, beneath the surface of their camaraderie, Mariona carries a profound secret that threatens to disrupt the evening. 

The friends navigate the intricacies of love, loss, and the challenges of youth. 

As the night unfolds, the apartment transforms into a silent witness to the unspoken tensions within the group. Mariona grapples with the decision to reveal a shocking truth, where the laughter of friends now carries the weight of unspoken words.